Setting SMART Health and Athletic Goals for 2015

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Setting SMART goals is the best way to improve your confidence and achieve the outcomes you want.
Here is a quick guide on how to create SMART goals to help you achieve your health, fitness and athletic goals for 2015.

‘I want to feel better about myself’ or ‘I want to be an MMA fighter’ are great ideas  but they are too broad. To make a plan, goals must be clear and understandable. This is your chance to decide exactly what you want to achieve. What will help me feel better about myself, or what will help me become a fighter?
Examples of specific goals – I want to lose fat. I want to have an amateur MMA fight.

Making your goal measurable is important. It will help you track progress and to know if your goal has been achieved.
Examples of measurable goals – I want to lose 20% body fat. I want to have 10 amateur MMA fights.

When making your goal measurable, research and discuss with your coach to make sure your goal is achievable.
After research and discussions with an expert, you may need to alter your goal so that it can be attained. It may not be possible for you to safely lose 20% of your body fat. After 1 amateur MMA fight you will gain experience and insight which will impact if you want to have another amateur fight.
Examples of attainable goals – I want to lose 7% body fat. I want to have 1 amateur MMA fight.

We have established the core of our goal, and we know it is specific, measurable and attainable. Now is a good time to assess if it is really want you want to achieve. Do you feel motivated to achieve this goal and is this goal your priority? If yes, move onto the next step.

What time frame is realistic to achieve your goal?
This is other opportunity to research and discuss your goals with your coach. Their expertise will help you set appropriate time frames to achieve your goal. At this stage you may also want to set progress checks if appropriate.

Example SMART goals:
I want to lose 7% body fat in 6 months. I want to have an amateur MMA fight in 12 months.

It doesn’t stop there. Now we have decided on our goals, we must make an action plan. If  you have not yet discussed your goals with your coach, now is the time to get some specific advice on what actions you can take from here. The action plan will be filled with more SMART goals:

To lose 7% body fat in 6 months I will: (examples)
– Participate in 4 training sessions at Trinity MMA each week
– Stop drinking soft drinks starting today

To have 1 amateur MMA fight in 12 months I will: (examples)
– Participate in 6 training sessions at Trinity MMA each week
– Learn all of the rules of competing in MMA within a month

At Trinity MMA, our focus is to provide our members with a satisfying, challenging and fun training experience. Head Coach Nick Hughes expertly guides our members to develop their skills and accomplish their goals.  Whatever your goals may be, from improving your health to active competition, come and check us out and see what we can help you achieve.

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