The Trinity MMA leadership team has a wealth of experience across MMA and other martial arts. The team is lead by our 2 head coaches and directors – Anthony Bynoe and Mike Turner. Together Head Coach Bynoe and Head Coach Turner support Trinity MMA clients to reach their goals and achieve success in competition.

Trinity MMA head coaches Mike Turner and Anthony Bynoe stand either side of Trinity MMA athlete Antonio Cesaro after his win at DFC 17. They stand in the centre of the MMA cage with big smiles.
Head coach Anthony Bynoe and Mike Turner with Trinity MMA athlete Antonio Cesaro at DFC 17
Image by Rebel Fight Photography (Justin White)

Head Coach Anthony Bynoe

Head Coach Anthony Bynoe leads our MMA team and our athletes at boxing and muay thai events. As a BJJ Brown Belt and experienced wrestler he also coaches our team at BJJ and other grappling events.

Anthony has worked in the fitness industry since 2005, and has competed in MMA since 2010. He has had over a dozen MMA fights, and he has cornered many MMA athletes to success in the cage.

Head Coach Bynoe after cornering Tim Rogers at DFC 17
Image by Rebel Rebel Fight Photography (Justin White)

With decades of experience in coaching, and technical skills across several martial art disciplines, Anthony supports our athletes to achieve their goals.

Head Coach Mike Turner

Head Coach Mike Turner leads our BJJ team and supports our athletes at BJJ and MMA events. Mike is a second degree BJJ Black Belt under Professor Leonardo Arruda.

During his MMA career, Mike has held 2 MMA titles – the DFC Heavyweight Championship and the Brace 2014 Lightweight Championship. Mike has had over 14 fights with 75% of his wins coming by way of submission finishes.

Mike has competed in BJJ and MMA for over 15 years. He shares his knowledge and insights with our competition teams leading them to success at events.

Mike is also the lead Trinity MMA Business Manager.